SEO Fallacy #1: Broad Match Bull

I don’t know how many times I have heard people say “look, I am raking number one for this keyword that has 15 bajillion competing pages in Google!” Shenanigans!  There I called it! This is one of the most overused and worthless metrics you can possibly use when determined keyword competition.  It truly means absolutely […]

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The Terrafugia Transition Flying Car

I remember as a kid, daydreaming about being able to fly around in a car and visiting exotic locales around the world.  I remember keeping magazine article that boldly declared that we would all be sky-bound by the year 2000 in a futuristic personal transport utopia. . . Well, it’s 2010 and to say that […]

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Happy Father’s Day!

I believe that my son realized what Father’s day was for the first time. I haven’t seen his face beam that much since he got a DS for Christmas last year  and it warmed my heart!  The funniest thing was trying to see him keep my gift secret the last couple of days; a number […]

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How A Fishing Trip Changed My Business

I know this may sound strange but I went fishing yesterday and as a result,  my business changed! I didn’t realize it at first but there was a profound shift in my thinking after that but I didn’t realize it until this morning. Okay, yesterday I had the urge to go down to the lake […]

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Has It Really Been A Year?

I noticed that the last time that I did anything on my blog was over a year ago.  I still can believe that time went by so quickly.  So many things have happened in that time. There have been many sleepless nights trying to figure out what the hell I’ve been doing wrong and many […]

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